Gonal-F 900Iu-1 5Ml Solu For Injection*

Generic Name: Follitropin Alfa (R-Hfsh)
Trade Name: Gonal-F 900Iu-1 5Ml Solu For Injection*
Strength value: 900/IU
Dosage Form: Injection*
Route of Administration: Subcutaneous
ATC Code: G03GA05
Volume: 1,5/ml
Package type: Pre-filled pen
Package size: 1
Legal status: Prescription
Product control: Uncontrolled
Shelf-life (mon): 24
Storage conditions: Store in a refrigerator (2°C – 8°C)
Manufacturer Name: Serono
Country Of Manufacturer: Italy
Marketing Company: Serono
Nationality: Italy

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